Elder Scrolls Online – Woodworking Prices – Price Check

Elder Scrolls Online - Thieves Guild

Below are the current prices for woodworking mats.

Mastic 897g
Pitch 211g
Rosin 7,000g
Rough Beech 58g
Rough Birch 56g
Rough Hickory 59g
Rough Nightwood 56g
Rough Maple 64g
Rough Oak 56g
Rough Ruby Ash 81g
Rough Yew 51g
Sanded Beech 24g
Sanded Birch 15g
Sanded Hickory 20g
Sanded Nightwood 30g
Sanded Mahogany 19g
Sanded Maple 12g
Sanded Ruby Ash 22g
Sanded Yew 22g
Turpen 120g

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