Elder Scrolls Online – Style Material Prices – Price Check

Elder Scrolls Online - Elsweyr - Dungeon

Below are the current prices for style materials.

Adamantite 20g
Amber Marble 325g
Ancient Sandstone 463g
Argentum 214g
Ash Canvas 949g
Auric Tusk 942g
Azure Plasm 163g
Black Beeswax 1,070
Bloodroot Flux 968g
Boiled Carapace 888g
Bone 20g
Bronze 20g
Cassiterite 903g
Charcoal of Remorse 855g
Corundum 20g
Culanda Lacquer 7,580g
Daedra Heart 100g
Defiled Whiskers 955g
Desecrated Grave Soil 1,572g
Distilled Slowsilver 913g
Dragon Bone 1,053g
Dragon Scute 1,357g
Dwemer Frame 1,335g
Eagle Feather 1,303g
Ferrous Salts 636g
Fine Chalk 1,150g
Flint 20g
Goldscale 956g
Gryphon Plume 8,193g
Hackwing Plumage ??
Infected Flesh 967g
Laurel 487g
Lion Fang 2,204g
Lustrous Sphalerite 1,020g
Malachite 2,633g
Manganese 20g
Minotaur Bezoar 1,340g
Molybdenum 20g
Moonstone 20g
Nickel 20g
Night Pumice 6,250g
Obsidian 20g
Oxblood Fungus 986g
Palladium 510g
Pearl Sand 800g
Polished Scarab Elytra 3,038g
Polished Shilling 997g
Pristine Shroud 878g
Refined Bonemold Resin 1,277g
Rogue’s Soot 218g
Sea Serpent Hide 4,333g
Snake Fang 20g
Stalhrim Shard ??
Starmetal 20g
Star Sapphire 714g
Tainted Blood 1,186g
Volcanic Viridian 3,015g
Warrior’s Heart Ashes ??
Wolfsbane Incense 858g
Wrought Ferrofungus 1,364g

Unrefined style materials.

Cassiterite Sand (Cassiterite)
Ashes of Remorse (Charcoal of Remorse)
Dwemer Scrap (Dwemer Frame)
Coarse Chalk (Fine Chalk)
Ancient Scales (Goldscale)
Dull Sphalerite (Lustrous Sphalerite)
Malachite Shards (Malachite)
Oxblood Fungus Spores (Oxblood Fungus)
Grains of Pearl Sand (Pearl Sand)
Scarab Elytra (Polished Scarab Elytra)
Raw Bonemold Resin (Refined Bonemold Resin)
Dried Blood (Tainted Blood)
Viridian Dust (Volcanic Viridian)
Pilant Ferrofungus (Wrought Ferrofungus)

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