Elder Scrolls Online – Provisioning Prices – Price Check

Elder Scrolls Online - Wrathstone

Below are the current prices for provisioning mats.

Acai Berry 30g
Aetherial Dust 75,000g
Apples 31g
Banana 70g
Barley 33g
Beets 73g
Bervez Juice 300g
Bittergreen 37g
Carrots 47g
Cheese 35g
Coffee 39g
Comberry 20g
Corn 30g
Fish 13g
Flour 75g
Frost Mirriam 343g
Game 40g
Garlic 50g
Ginger 16g
Ginkgo 25g
Ginseng 20g
Greens 85g
Guarana 25g
Honey 20g
Isinglass 25g
Jasmine 17g
Jazbay Grapes 38g
Lemon 18g
Lotus 36g
Melon 85g
Metheglin 46g
Millet 29g
Mint 16g
Perfect Roe 12,000g
Potato 90g
Poultry 33g
Pumpkin 30g
Radish 52g
Red Meat 45g
Rice 16g
Rose 20g
Rye 25g
Saltrice 16g
Seasoning 30g
Seaweed 23g
Small Game 255g
Surilie Grapes 35g
Tomato 50g
Wheat 27g
White Meat 100g
Yeast 25g
Yerba Mate 25g

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