Elder Scrolls Online – Motifs Prices – Price Check

Elder Scrolls Online - Traders Cavern

Below are the current prices for motifs.

Aldmeri Dominion 9,534g
Ancient Elf 9,290g
Assassins League 3,075g
Barbaric 8,046g
Celestial 5,380g
Covenant 8,915g
Daedric 3,830g
Dark Brotherhood 2,500g
Dro Mothra 10,860g
Glass 4,457g
Hollowjack 4,165g
Malacath 32,160g
Mercenary 2,640g
Order of the Hour 16,660g
Outlaw 4,680g
Primal 1,330g
Ra Gada 11,029g
Skinchanger 4,814g
Trinimac 26,450g
Xivkyn 2,152g
Yokudan 2,500g

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