Elder Scrolls Online – Jewelry Crafting Prices – Price Check

Elder Scrolls Online - Horns of the Reach

Below are the current prices for jewelry crafting mats.

Chronium Grains 9,600g
Chronium Plating 98,000g
Electrum Dust 119g
Electrum Ounce 87g
Iridiam Grains 2,400g
Iridium Plating 3,700g
Pewter Dust 81g
Pewter Ounce 17g
Platinum Dust 108g
Platinum Ounce 27g
Terne Grains 133g
Turne Plating 2,110g
Zircon Grains 31,200g
Zircon Plating 2,725g

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