Elder Scrolls Online – Enchanting Prices – Price Check

Elder Scrolls Online - Dragon Bones

Below are the current prices for enchanting mats.

Dekeipa 30g
Denata 117g
Deni 25g
Denima 25g
Deteri 32g
Haoko 30g
Itade 279g
Jehade 63g
Jejota 16g
Jora 1g
Kaderi 28g
Kuoko 27g
Kuta 4,500g
Makderi 260g
Makko 29g
Makkoma 34g
Meip 39g
Oko 25g
Okoma 31g
Okori 240g
Oru 24g
Rakeipa 580g
Rejera 86g
Rekuta 240g
Repora 82g
Ta 9g
Taderi 236g

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