Elder Scrolls Online – Clothing Prices – Price Check

Elder Scrolls Online - Clockwork City

Below are the current prices for clothing mats.

Ancestor Silk 125g
Cotton 25g
Dreugh Wax 4,289g
Elegant Lining 642g
Embroidery 122g
Hemming 84g
Iron Hide 23g
Iron Hide Scraps 57g
Jute 20g
Leather 35g
Leather Scraps 54g
Raw Ancestor Silk 99g
Raw Cotton 25g
Raw Jute 25g
Raw Silverweave 16g
Raw Spider Silk 16g
Rawhide 16g
Rawhide Scraps 45g
Rubedo Leather 20g
Rubedo Leather Scraps 45g
Shadowhide 16g
Shadowhide Scraps 58g
Silverweave 25g
Spidersilk 25g
Superb Hide 117g
Superb Hide Scraps 47g
Thick Leather 25g
Thick Leather Scraps 56g
Void Cloth 78g

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