Elder Scrolls Online – Blacksmithing Prices – Price Check

Elder Scrolls Online - Shadows of the Hist 1

Below are the current prices for blacksmithing mats.

Dwarven Ingot 17g
Dwarven Ore 65g
Dwarven Oil 77g
Ebony Ingot 21g
Ebony Ore 56g
Grain Solvent 734g
High Iron Ore 58g
Honing Stone 78g
Iron Ingot 18g
Iron Ore 51g
Orichalum Ingot 19g
Orichalum Ore 56g
Quicksilver Ingot 17g
Quicksilver Ore 52g
Rubedite Ingot 20g
Rubedite Ore 64g
Tempering Alloy 7,800
Voidstone Ingot 16g
Voidstone Ore 53g

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