Elder Scrolls Online – Alchemy Prices – Price Check

Elder Scrolls Online - Elsweyr - Dragon

Below are the current prices for alchemy mats.

Alkahest 4g
Beetle Scuttle 193g
Blessed Thistle 187g
Blue Entolma 107g
Bugloss 172g
Butterfly Wing 175g
Glam Gall 4,200g
Cleansed Water 51g
Clear Water 173g
Cloud Mist 6g
Columbine 202g
Corn Flower 196g
Dragonthorn 77g
Emetic Russula 63g
Filtered Water 5g
Fleshfly Larvae 12g
Grease 1g
Imp Stool 93g
Lady’s Smock 192g
Lorkhans Tears 2g
Luminous Russula 196g
Mountain Flower 60g
Mudcrab Chitin 197g
Namira’s Rot 200g
Natural Water 190g
Nightshade 187g
Nirnroot 177g
Pitch-Bile 1g
Powdered Mother of Pearl 9,000g
Pristine Water 12g
Scrib Jelly 185g
Spider Egg 197g
Star Dew 100g
Stinkhorn 189g
Terebinthine 1g
Torchbug Thorax 190g
Violet Coprinus 177g
Water Hyacinth 58g
White Cap 124g
Wormwood 200g

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